Traditional techniques and crafts

The headquarters of the company, Carpenedolo (Brescia) boasts every department needed to ensure the requirements of quality and comfort that characterize all collections of shoes for women and men marked Patrizia and Agorà: style office, purchasing, administration, logistics, warehouse, and laboratory, for an effective production at every stage of processing.

Inside the headquarters happen all the basic steps to ensure the production of collections of excellence researched and designed in Italy: trends research, analysis of feasibility, collection of market demand, choice of samples and prototyping to get to the definition of models that later are mass produced.

The complexity of the cycle described above causes the production to be still based on traditional techniques and crafts, assuming that the shoes are finished by hand, while the broad trend research and feasibility analysis, in addition to the constant contact with the market, provide a design always moving with the times.

Each stage is therefore strategic and enables quality assurance and the perfect fit of women’s and men’s footwear, boots, slippers and sandals, strictly in genuine leather, marked Patrizia and Agorà.

Each shoe comes to the end customer through the distribution network which covers not only the country but also has collaboration in all Europe, particularly in France, Spain, Germany, and Holland.

Boots, shoes, sandals and slippers perfect for any season, comfortable in order to live well every moment of the day and of excellent quality at unbeatable prices.